Best Banking apps for payments

With people using smartphones in recent years, online banking apps are increasing rapidly. In the coming years, the world will experience a drastic change in the banking sector. With the advancement of banking apps, people use smartphones to perform transactions like paying bills, checking account balances, getting notifications, and availing of account information. 

Unlike in the past, they do not need to visit their bank personally for every banking task. The digital banking apps helped customers perform their banking activities online anytime from anywhere. They can shop online 24/7 and make payments through the mobile banking app using various IDFC FIRST Bank digital payment methods online.

How do IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app payment methods help customers?

People use mobile phones to search, read reviews, and purchase different products and services. The mobile phone digital payment gateways have enhanced the user experience of e-commerce websites. Customers can buy anything online and use mobile apps to pay bills and other utilities. They can place an order and make payments securely through mobile apps for banking like IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. How does a banking app guarantee safe and secured payment?

There are different types of payment methods available on a mobile banking app are:

UPI Payment method

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app has made payments easy and instant using the UPI payment method. The customer can pay through the app by choosing the product and following the instruction. The user must select ‘Pay by UPI’ on the payment page, enter the unique PIN and pay instantly using this method. It is the easiest way of paying bills because the app does not ask you to enter bank details once you save your banking details on the app during registration. 

Easy Buy Card

Banks like IDFC FIRST Bank offer Easy Buy Card to help the customers shop easily. The customers can pay through installments using the cardless EMI option. For this, the customer should choose the product from a merchant partnered with the bank and select the ‘Cardless EMI’ option and EMI plan, enter OTP and buy the product you wish.  

Bharat QR payment 

Several banks offer Bharat QR payment systems through a mobile banking app. The user can scan and pay using a QR code. It is the quickest and easiest payment method available on the app. The Bharat QR code is two-dimensional barcode information through which you can pay the merchants using your credit or debit card. You can use any card like VISA, RuPay, MasterCard, and cards issued by any bank such as IDFC FIRST Bank.

Payment through net banking

Customers can use the net banking option to pay utility bills and shop online without difficulty. The net banking facility allows you to pay using NEFT or IMPS. To use the net banking facility:

  • Visit the e-commerce merchant website
  • Choose the product 
  • Click on the ‘Pay now’ tab
  • Select the ‘Net banking’ option 
  • Enter ID and password 
  • Enter OTP 
  • purchases safely and securely

You can enjoy different payment methods and make your payment using IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app safe and secure. Check the netbank app download and enjoy a seamless online banking experience.