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Accounting Firm

Stockman Kast Ryan + Co

Stockman Kast Ryan + Co is “not just a tax shop or an audit shop,” says Jordan Empey, executive committee member at the firm. “We’re helping our clients grow their businesses or whatever path they may take.”

Established in 1995, Stockman Kast Ryan + Co offers litigation support, audits, business valuations, bookkeeping, business advising and more. 

The firm’s 77 employees also have expertise in specialty areas including construction, health care, real estate, technology and nonprofits. 

Stockman Kast Ryan + Co’s care for clients has allowed the company to build strong relationships in the community. 

Since 2006, Stockman Kast Ryan + Co each year has earned gold, silver or bronze awards in Best in Business.

“We’re accountants so you might not think we’re fun — but we’re fairly enjoyable,” Empey said. “I think our staff feels that; I think our clients feel that. [The work] is not like pulling teeth. We’re always working to be inclusive and build teams that function well together.”| 719-630-1186

Silver: BRW Tax & Accounting | 719-358-2360

Bronze: Erickson, Brown & Kloster, LLC | 719-531-0445


Bank of Colorado

Since 1978, Bank of Colorado has grown from a single branch in Fort Lupton to 161 locations in eight states — including 46 in Colorado. 

As the bank continues to expand nationwide, Dan Nordberg, Bank of Colorado market president for Colorado Springs, says he enjoys being recognized at home. 

“It’s a huge honor to even be nominated” for a Best in Business award, Nordberg said. “These recognitions are determined by the community we serve. To have the community support and recognition for the jobs we do and the investment we make in the community means everything.” 

Nordberg said Bank of Colorado provided loans to small businesses during the pandemic to help companies remain afloat. The bank also continued to provide health savings accounts, certificate of deposits and IRAs for its clientele.

“To not only get through the pandemic helping the small businesses in the manner that we were able to, but also to get recognition for the work we’re doing to grow Colorado Springs and bolster its economy through commercial growth is a terrific recognition,” Nordberg said. “We’re so excited about the growth in our community and about the small role we’re able to play and continue to foster that growth.” | 800-227-7715

Silver: ANB Bank | 866-433-0282

Bronze: USAA | 800-531-8722

Commercial Lender

Bank of Colorado | 719-227-0100

Silver: ANB Bank | 866-433-0282

Bronze: The Eastern Colorado Bank| 866-210-0460

Financial Advisers

Raymond James and Associates

Raymond James and Associates recognizes their work involves more than financial advising. 

Establishing relationships with clients, learning about their families and who they are has helped create a positive environment. 

“If you bring in good people, the rest takes care of itself,” said George Garro, Raymond James and Associates senior vice president and branch manager. 

Raymond James has more than 10 financial services for clients including fixed income services, retirement, longevity and investment planning and more. 

They also provide varying news articles that link to business ownership, bullish or bearish signs from the stock market, investment strategies and how to protect your data. 

“Everybody says this, but we actually practice it: For us it’s all about the client,” Garro said. “The firm has a huge respect for their employees. We know our work isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s what’s best for your particular area and office.” | 727-567-1000

Silver: Edward Jones Investments (tie) | 719-575-9479

Silver: Cascade Investment Group (tie) | 719-632-0818

Credit Union

Ent Credit Union

Since the 1950s, Ent has offered safe banking to military members and Coloradans, working to help them build financial intelligence. 

“As a not-for-profit credit union, we often say that we are ‘owned’ by our members — over 400,000 of them throughout Colorado,” said Fred Jacobs, Ent senior manager of media relations and sponsorships. “That means every decision we make is with our members’ best interests in mind. We also recognize that everyone on the Ent team is responsible for delivering world-class service to those members.” 

Ent offers auto, home and personal loans; personal checking and savings accounts — both of which accrue interest; and checking and savings accounts for businesses. 

“There’s something special about being recognized as ‘the best’ in your hometown by the people who live and work there,” Jacobs said. “We are extremely proud of our roots in Colorado Springs and are proud to be celebrating 65 years in this remarkable city.” | 800-525-9623

Silver: Air Academy Federal Credit Union (tie) | 719-593-8600

Silver: Navy Federal Credit Union (tie) | 888-842-6328

Bronze: Security Service Federal Credit Union | 888-415-7878