Definition of Distribution at

an act or occasion of distributing.

the condition or fashion of getting distributed.

arrangement classification.

a thing that is dispersed.

the frequency of occurrence or the normal geographic array or place wherever any item or classification of objects occurs: What is the distribution of coniferous forests in the globe?

placement, area, arrangement, or disposition: The distribution of our troops is a armed service secret.

apportionment: The court docket determined the distribution of the residence among the heirs.

the shipping and delivery or giving out of an merchandise or objects to the meant recipients, as mail or newspapers.

the whole range of an item shipped, marketed, or given out: The distribution of our school paper is now 800.

the marketing, transporting, merchandising, and providing of any product.

(in bridge and other card game titles) the way in which the satisfies of a deck of playing cards are, or just one specific go well with is, divided or apportioned in a single player’s hand or amid the hands of all the gamers: My distribution was six spades, 4 hearts, two golf equipment, and a singleton diamond.


  1. the division of the aggregate earnings of any modern society between its associates, or amid the factors of production.
  2. the method of dispersing goods during a neighborhood.

Studies. a established of values or measurements of a set of factors, every measurement remaining affiliated with an aspect.

Mathematics. a generalized function made use of particularly in solving differential equations.