Diamonds: Why Buy Diamonds Locally?

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With the kind of resources we have now, there are a lot of places to buy diamond engagement rings that you could choose from when you need to buy an engagement ring for the love of your life. There are many online jewelry stores that have been showing up and offer a great deal with a wide selection of engagements waiting at what they call superb prices, but there are a lot of things to consider when you are buying a diamond engagement ring. But the dilemma is usually buying diamonds online vs. local jewelers. Why buy diamonds locally?

Reasons to Buy Your Diamonds Locally:

  1. You Get Real Feedback

This is an advantage, especially if you are an inexperienced diamond ring shopper. You would tend to not know about all the different options that may or may not be available to you and with the vast selection that they provide, it would only make it harder for you to find the perfect ring when there is no one to help you. 

That is one problem with online shopping, customers are not able to get feedback from anyone, especially with big online shops, you will almost always win out on the huge size of their inventory and they may or may not match the recommendations and customer service when you shop at a local jewelry store.

  1. Resizing and Maintenance is a Breeze

It is important that you will have the ability to resize and return the ring if it does not fit your partner’s finger. So, the local jewelry stores that are selling you that engagement ring should give you the assurance that you will have the ability to resize or exchange the ring that you have bought from them.

It is also just as important to know that they will be able to give you consistent support and maintenance for your diamond engagement ring since diamond rings should be cherished. You need to find a dealer that will be able to clean, maintain, and repair your diamond ring just in case any issues may or may not pop up.

  1. You Want to See and Feel the Quality

The difference between buying a ring locally compared to when you buy a diamond ring online is the curated nature of the in-store experience. 

If you are looking for a good quality diamond, high grades features are called the 4 Cs of diamonds:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Carat
  • Clarity

    In a local store, you would be able to see the differences and compare diamonds but

when you shop online, it would be much harder to see it. There are some diamond rings that are found online that they do not sell locally because they are not pretty to the eye, so it is better to shop locally so that you would be able to see the product in real life before you buy it.

  1. It’s Safer

We’re not saying that buying diamond rings online are not safe because there are a lot of online engagement ring dealers that see high quality diamond engagement rings, but one bad apple tends to ruin your engagement ring buying experience. 

With local stores, they will generally have high security at their stores, which would then ensure your safety and the rings’ safety during your shopping experience. With local jewelry stores, they also have GIA certified gemologists that are experts when it comes to diamond rings and they could give you an appraisal and certification for any ring that you have purchased.

  1. You Know Where it Comes From

This could just be an added bonus in buying a ring locally, but a lot of jewelry stores have a unique and quirky history and you could use this to bring more meaning to your diamond engagement ring and add to your amazing love story.

  1. Great Jewelry Stores Have Experiences GIA Gemologists

In order to make sure that you are getting your diamond at a fair rate, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) issues certificates to gemologists who have gone through extensive full-time study and hand-on training that may or may not offer you an expert perspective on any of the questions you have and help you find the perfect ring for your partner.

Why do diamonds look better in the store?

Have you ever noticed that diamonds tend to look better in the store than when you actually bring them out? That is because the diamonds are cut in a way that they maximize their brilliance and fire, so all of the angles, proportions, facets, girdles, and pavilions are there for a reason. They are shaped and cut that way to enhance the way the diamond would react with the light. With all that being said, that is why when there is more light in the room, the more the diamond would sparkle and shine.

Why are diamonds so much cheaper online?

Buying diamonds online is much cheaper because the process is much less expensive for online retailers, so this is a matter of how wholesalers would distribute and sell their diamonds. With buying diamonds online, you would also be given a much bigger selection to choose from. 

Buying an engagement ring is a sign that you are ready to take your relationship with your partner to the next level, so the process of obtaining your beautiful diamond engagement ring is such an important part of the process as well. How you obtain your diamond ring could affect your engagement ring shopping experience.