Why You Should Leverage Google My Business | 20North Marketing

A business listing is the most effective way to connect with the consumer, build a brand and increase visibility. A business listing on Google Maps will help you generate more traffic, which can increase your sales and lead generation. A business listing also gives you an opportunity to add value for your customers by offering them coupons, discounts or special offers.


When you’re looking for a local business listing, there are many different types of listings your business can leverage.Below are few of them:


Business directories – These are the most common business listings you’ll find online, and they typically include an overview of your business, including contact information and location information. Business listings help people find businesses they need to do business with (like lawyers or dentists).


Industry listings – These are general types of business listings that are usually not specific to a certain industry (like auto repair).


Online directories – These are similar to business directories but also include keywords like “auto repair” or “restaurant” to help you get found in more search results.


Local directories – These are similar to online directories but include more specific data about your location such as street address and city name. These are the most popular and most widely used listings in local search results. Local listings include services like restaurants, salons, parking garages, and more.


Company profiles – Company profiles allow you to see information about your competitors in one place so that you can learn how they operate their business before you decide whether or not it’s worth investing your time and money into them.


Another type of business listing is a paid listing on Google Places or other similar search engine directories. These listings can be expensive, but they do offer you more control over how much exposure you receive and what kind of results you get when someone searches for your business name or keyword. The advantage to paid directories is that they tend to have more accurate geographic data than their free counterparts.

Another type of business listing is an organic listing on Google or another search engine that doesn’t require any additional work from your end but still allows you to generate traffic from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo! This is especially important if you’re a new small business looking for customers who may not know about you yet (and who may not even realize that there’s an alternative to AdWords).