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Distribution could refer to:

In arithmetic[edit]

  • Distribution (mathematics), generalized functions utilised to formulate answers of partial differential equations
  • Chance distribution, the likelihood of a unique benefit or price assortment of a variable
  • Frequency distribution, a record of the values recorded in a sample
  • Inner distribution, and outer distribution, in coding concept
  • Distribution (differential geometry), a subset of the tangent bundle of a manifold
  • Dispersed parameter procedure, devices that have an infinite-dimensional condition-space
  • Distribution of phrases, a problem in which all users of a class are accounted for
  • Distributivity, a home of binary functions that generalises the distributive legislation from elementary algebra
  • Distribution (quantity concept)
  • Distribution issues, a typical sort of complications in combinatorics where the target is to enumerate the number of possible distributions of m objects to n recipients, issue to different problems see Twelvefold way

In science[edit]

In technology and pc science[edit]

  • Electric electric power distribution, the final stage in the supply of energy
  • Dispersed technology, the use of systems to offer electrical power at the source of use
  • Electronic brakeforce distribution, an automotive technology that varies brake drive based mostly on prevailing ailments
  • Distributed computing, the coordinated use of physically dispersed computers (distributed systems) for jobs or storage
  • Software package distribution, bundles of a precise software currently compiled and configured
  • Distribution (concurrency), the projection operator in a background monoid, a illustration of the histories of concurrent computer system processes
  • Vital distribution centre, element of a cryptosystem intended to reduce the threats inherent in exchanging keys
  • Written content distribution, publishing and world wide web design and style as method to deliver information and facts
  • Digital distribution, publishing media digitally
  • Dispersed production or distributed manufacturing, the fabrication of products and solutions by people this sort of as with 3D printing
  • Distribution of factors in the dispersed-ingredient product of electric powered circuits
  • A certain packaging of an functioning system that contains components these types of as the Kernel (computing), a toolchain, utilities and other software package. The most widespread use in this context is for Linux distributions

In economics[edit]

  • Distribution (economics), distribution of income or output among the individuals or factors of manufacturing (or to support other people)
    • Distribution in form, about the transfer of non-money property by a organization to a shareholder, see Companies Act 2006
  • Distribution (marketing and advertising), or location, one particular of the four elements of marketing mix
  • Distributionism, an financial ideology
  • Distribution of prosperity, between members in a society
  • Division of assets, or equitable distribution, of assets between spouses in the course of divorce
  • Foods distribution, approaches of transporting food stuff
  • Drug distribution, approaches by which medication goes from company to consumer

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