How Efficient is Solar Energy Compared to Fossil Fuels

Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels: How Do They Compare? | EnergySage

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy. Using renewable energy is becoming a trend these days as more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious as they want to have a cleaner and greener lifestyle. 

How efficient is solar energy compared to fossil fuels? Using fossil fuels however is not a form of renewable energy, fossil fuels will disappear because the supply won’t last forever as it was made millions of years ago. For solar energy, as long as there is our great big ball of gas, our sun, we can harness its energy and use it to power our homes and businesses. 

How Does Solar Compare to Fossil Fuels?

It is widely known that switching to solar energy from traditional methods will be an investment in the long run even though there is a high initial cost when purchasing solar power products and installation to start. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory the electricity that you get from the traditional fossil fuels can cost you 5 to 16 cents /kw-hr. While using solar energy, the costs per kw-hr is lower, costing you 3 to 6 cents. 

According to Energy Sage, there has been a report that in 2020 the price of the initial installation for a simple solar power system can cost the consumer $15,000, and that is after the green tax incentives offered by the government. However, in  the same report, they forecast that initial cost will start to decline due to high demand. 

When a solar power system is installed, the advantages will be that it requires little maintenance on the part of the owner and any damages or repairs can be remedied by warranties offered by the solar power provider. Another advantage is that there is a good return on investment on using solar energy as any excess electricity not used can be sold back to the grid. 

More and more people are choosing solar and forgoing fossil fuels as it is more sustainable for the environment and offers them lower energy bills. Many solar energy providers help lighten the high initial costs of buying solar panels and the installation by offering deals on leases and other financing options that are available to choose from. 

If you are considering switching to a cleaner and renewable way of powering your home or business and want to discuss your options on where to start, have free estimates and know information on the many benefits of solar energy look for Shreveport solar panel installation (if you are residing or near this area). 

Is Solar Energy Cleaner Than Fossil Fuels?

Yes. Solar energy is cleaner than fossil fuels. Using solar energy is more safe for the environment as they only use the energy harnessed from the sun whereas using fossil fuels contribute to the air pollution by releasing harmful gasses like carbon dioxide. 

Is Solar Energy the Most Efficient?

It is a no-brainer that solar energy is the most efficient for one because it is eco-friendlier to the environment. Using fossil fuels and other forms of energy like burning coal and natural gas is not as it is not renewable and can leave long lasting effects to the environment. 

However, an average home that uses solar panels can see an efficiency of 15% to 20% whereas using conventional coal can have more, up to 40% in efficiency, but solar power is still slowly gaining its tracks to become part of every household than traditional forms of energy and the technology behind solar power can still evolve to let solar power become more efficient. 

To get the most out of your solar panels, when installing the panels, also have solar batteries installed or a solar concentrator. Using solar energy is more efficient in the long term if you think about the savings you will get in your monthly energy bills, in due time you can get back what you invested in on the solar panels and in the future, the solar panels are basically paying for themselves as they have a long lifespan. 

Does solar energy cost less than fossil fuels?

In 2020, the International Energy Agency or the IEA stated in a new report that solar energy is now the cheapest form of electricity for utility companies to make. This means that as the cost gets lower, more and more people will find it easier to have access to using solar energy as solar energy companies can provide better financing options to consumers.