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A stock transfer agent, share registry or transfer agency is a corporation, ordinarily a third social gathering unrelated to stock transactions, that manages the alter in possession on shares and maintains a register of possession. This features cancelling the identify and certificate of the shareholder who marketed the shares of stock, and substituting the new owner’s title on the official grasp shareholder listing. Stock transfer agent is the time period employed in the United States and Canada. Share registry is used in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Transfer secretary is used in South Africa.[1] Typically Transfer Company services presented together with Fund Accounting as a “package” for trouble-absolutely free expert services. Transfer Brokers and Fund Administrators are interdependent, as a result it is really effective for Fund supervisor to give both equally providers to solitary bash.


General public companies typically use transfer agents to continue to keep observe of the individuals and entities that individual their stocks and bonds. Most transfer agents are also banks or trust companies, but sometimes a enterprise acts as its own transfer agent.

Transfer brokers execute down below principal features:[2][3]

  1. Issuance and Transfer: Situation and terminate certificates to mirror variations in ownership. For instance, when a organization declares a stock dividend or stock break up, the transfer agent troubles new shares. Transfer agents continue to keep information of who owns a company’s stocks and bonds and how all those shares and bonds are held—whether by the owner in certificate sort, by the corporation in e book-entry sort, or by the investor’s brokerage agency in avenue identify. They also continue to keep information of how lots of shares or bonds every investor owns.
  2. History Retaining: Transfer brokers “keep track of, report, and sustain on behalf of issuers the formal file of possession of each issuer’s securities.”[3]
  3. Registration: Transfer brokers watch “the issuance of [company] securities with a watch to stopping unauthorized issuance, a functionality frequently executed by a particular person referred to as a registrar.”[3]
  4. Paying Agent: A transfer agent may also provide as the firm’s spending agent to shell out out interest, hard cash and stock dividends, or other distributions to inventory- and bondholders. In addition, a transfer agent could act as a tender agent (tendering shares in a tender offer you) or trade agent (exchanging a company’s inventory or bonds in a merger).
  5. Shareholder Liaison: Transfer agents “aid communications between issuers and registered securityholders.”[3] Transfer brokers frequently act as a proxy agent (sending out proxy products) and a mailing agent (mailing the firm’s quarterly, yearly, and other studies). Transfer agents might also operate once-a-year meetings as inspector of elections, proxy voting, and distinctive meetings of shareholders. In this case they are viewed as the formal keeper of the corporate shareholder records.
  6. Repository: Take care of dropped, ruined, or stolen certificates. Transfer agents assistance shareholders and bondholders when a inventory or bond certificate has been missing, destroyed, or stolen. Also a medallion signature stamp officer is the transfer agent.
  7. Treasury Supervisor: Transfer agent operate to settle monetary transactions. They may keep shareholder’s funds and Company’s money in individual accounts as for every neighborhood regulations, in purchase to stop decline in the event of bankruptcy and mismanagement of funds.

In the British isles, Registrars accomplish a comparable part, whilst there is no medallion stamp signature system.

A community business ordinarily only designates one particular organization to transfer its stock.

Road identify[edit]

The shares are issued in “avenue name” which is the term specified to securities held in the identify of a monetary middleman (this kind of as brokerage, custodian lender, securities depositary, or a nominee of any of them) on behalf of a client, commonly carried out to facilitate subsequent transactions. Shares held in “Road name”, ordinarily Cede & Co., refers to shares which have a beneficial shareholder who manage their possession indirectly via a brokerage. Street title holders are not registered holders they should exercising shareholder rights by acquiring proxies from the lawful entity which is a holder of history.

United States[edit]

Stock transfer agents in the United States verify that owners of inventory are authentic via the use of signature guarantees. This is usually referred to as a “Medallion Signature Ensure”. A signature assure is a guarantee by the signature guarantor that the endorser of a inventory certification or inventory electric power kind is an acceptable person to endorse and consequently transfer the protection. Signatures on a inventory certificate or stock power must have the medallion guarantee. A medallion promise is also utilised to validate the genuineness of a securities transaction document (generally a inventory certification). It is backed by a bond and protects the issuer of the stability and their transfer agent from fraudulently transferred securities. A medallion guarantee could be received from most main banking institutions, brokerage corporations or credit history unions.[4]

Stock transfer brokers operating in the U.S. are needed to sign up with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Fee or a banking regulator.[5]

Private Firms[edit]

Non-public firms usually do not use devoted or SEC-registered transfer agent companies. Non-public providers use a mixture of software package, legislation organization providers, and in-household assist.
In the US, current improvements to crowdfunding polices make it required for some non-public companies to use focused transfer agent firms in some conditions:[6]

  1. When a crowdfunded firm works by using Regulation CF to raise far more than $10M in fairness from more than 2,000 shareholders, or
  2. When a crowdfunded enterprise utilizes Regulation A+ Tier 2 to increase fairness

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