The SWTOR Smuggler Class And Advancements

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The Smuggler uses energy-based abilities and fits into the role of ranged or melee healer or a DPS attacker. They fight with weapons like single-wielded blaster pistols or double-welded blaster pistols. They use medium armor bought with Swtor credits so as to have enough protection but also to allow movement. The Smuggler prefers to be light and nimble in their feet. They use their evasive footwork and their environment to their defense.

Nature And Fighting Methods:

The Smuggler uses their own impulses and reflexes to take a shot at the target. They use the tricks they have up their sleeve to gain an extra minute, sometimes to take a lethal shot. They could shoot and still hit from any angle as they are used to improvising. They are used to stunning or sometimes incapacitate their targets to make a quick getaway. Being fast to draw quickly and shoot first at their charging enemies, the Smuggler tends to be the only last one standing from start and finish. They have the luck to pop out of hiding and unleash a horde of attacks at multiple targets and get away quickly. As such, they are recklessly quick and lucky, as well as skilled in getting away from anyone.

Advanced Classes:

They divulge into advanced classes of Gunslinger and Scoundrel. One would have to choose between either one of these to advance this class. But one should choose carefully based on their playing style and how they are comfortable with playing. Once chosen, they can’t change it later.


  • The Gunslinger uses dual blaster pistols and has mastered quick and impulsive trick shots. This allows anything they do on impulse to be successful, like shooting the legs of charging enemies to keep them at bay or blinding their target to keep them from inflicting serious damage on them or distracting an enemy from getting away quickly. They can also shoot down objects to trap their enemies to buy more time.
  • They are sure to take advantage of any situation regardless of how bad it is to achieve their goals. They are clever and answers to no one to get their own job done as their own boss.
  • The Gunslinger used to cover and enhanced range DPS to get their job done.


  • While the Gunslinger uses sudden attacks and distractions, the Scoundrel uses stealth to get the job done. With no time for a fair fight, they do what they need to do and quickly disappear before anyone even knows that they appeared.
  • The Scoundrel uses whatever equipment that needs to get in and out silently like eso gold. They have a blaster pistol, stealth belt, scattergun and a med-pack. If necessary, they sometimes knock out the enemy for a good while to make them get away. 
  • They fit the role of a bust melee DPS or a healer.